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We are one of the leading experts in packaging laminate, roll of plastic bags, plastic bags and plastic color printing of all types. The preservation of the products stored to last long. Beauty of the package even more valuable.

  Plastic packaging plastic film sandwiched between two layers of laminate or more (OPP / CPP / NYLON / LLDPE / PP / PE / PS / Mpet / Mcpp / ALU).

For fresh food, dry food, chemical fertilizers, plastic rolls against drinking cup lid. Roll for Pac automatic vacuum bag (Vacuum Bags), envelopes, aluminum, envelopes Matta Light, envelope paper, MG, Pouch Saban Bon, Laminated type (envelope bottom set, single center. , three single-sided)

Metalized Bag for snack , coffee , dry food and All types of food Prevents moisture

It is a sleek silver and interests are protected. And light is applied to packaged product. Preservation age for long-lasting results. For both wet and dry products, such as dried fruit, chips, nuts, crackers, including different chemicals, and so on. You can order a printed and non-printed logo on the orders was 1-8 with a pack of color-forming characteristics. Seal the bottom of the third to seal the zipper.

Vacuum Bag for dry food , Rice , Snack

The fibrous plastic slightly shiny, soft, suitable for making into a cumbia environment (vacuum) to suck the air in the bag inside out and seal tightly. Ideal for products such as rice, meat, sausage products, including water, because the meat is soft, flexible bag. To accommodate the bumps well into the steaming water, such as fruit or fabric softener. You can order a printed and non-printed logo on the orders was 1-8 with a pack of color-forming characteristics. Seal the bottom of the third to seal the zipper.

Spanbon paper bag and MG paper bag for packing sugar , cream powder etc.

The paper is coated on the bottom for sticking up a pack. Sapaund Bon seminal paper pattern looks like a small white MG paper pulp is smooth, white. For products that are lighter, such as toiletries for hotel is Connecticut at bats razor, shower cap and so on. You can order a print or not print 1-2 colors forming a pack 2 is fragmented and seal three sides.

Aluminum Bag : For Food products and other product To prevent moisture and light that extends the product.

A Silver and hard tissues with light and moisture better than a pack of Metelized. But the relatively high price Suitable Wish Storage quality for a long time. Able to contain both dry and wet, like powdered milk, powdered food, fried foods or chemicals are introduced.

You can order a printed and non-printed.Printable 1-8 color according to customer requirements,

such as sealing the envelope, seal three sides, the bottom, zipper.

Roll of pastic bags

If your business have an auto machine packing product an automatic plastic rolls machinare comfortable for your business, no matter what kind of product tablet, dry or liquid ext. The machine produce in roll shape, size and length can apply from customer decide start from 500 -1,000. A particularistic of shape roll machine can design by customer product simply like plastic roll for bottle of water or for any specification of product. Plastic rolls machine can design for 8 colors print or no color print.

Dry food bigs

A specification of dry food bags are decided by customer product can combine for clear bag, hazy bag or light protection. This can be crystal clear for your specially product. Dry food bags can design for 8 colors print or no color print. Dimensional of bag can decide by order 3 zeal finish with zip.